About Mercartes

MERCARTES (Spanish Performing Arts Market) is designed to promote meetings and professional relationships, to give value to all the stakeholders, public and private, that contribute to the development of the performing arts sector, and to generate business opportunities.

MERCARTES has been held every two years since 2004, with the aim of promoting the confluence of all the actors involved in the performing arts process, thus contributing to the creation and strengthening of effective communication and exchange channels between all of them.

Our main objective is to provide a frame of reference that gives visibility to new ideas and projects, and that integrates all professionals in a common and shared work space, generating synergies of collaboration.

Throughout these eight editions, MERCARTES has brought together thousands of performing arts professionals, providing them with a platform to get to know in depth the dynamics of the sector in our country and establish solid and productive relationships. In this way, it tries to contribute to the impulse and growth of the performing arts, and of the creative, productive and management framework that vertebrates them.

Our values are connection, exchange, knowledge, participation and cooperation.